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An Artist’s Duty

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Dawn Tree, a Tulsa based artist & activist, reflects on her journey as an artist & how it has evolved into raising more awareness about the Tulsa Massacre.


Director Biography – Elyssa Walsh

This is Elyssa Walsh’s directorial debut. After several years working as an assistant editor and wanting to make a film of her own, Elyssa stumbled upon Dawn’s story and knew it had to be told. Elyssa, in collaboration with Lago Studio, is working on a longer form piece telling the story of the New Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Director Statement:

When I first met Dawn Tree, artist & activist, in 2019 she was touring in my city and her art made me confront the reality that racism was very much still alive in today’s society.Her collection of work showed me that we are not as far removed from our history as I had hoped and that realization made me want her voice to be heard.

A tragic note, in the three months it took to produce this film Ahmaud Aubrey, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd tragically lost their lives, furthering my desire for voices like Dawn’s to be heard.

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Richard C. Jones


Richard C. Jones


Jenny Goddard-Garcia
Jason Wehling
Kelly Williams


Gideon Jones
Richard C. Jones


4 min

Dallas International Film Festival

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