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Freedom of Flow

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A film about the essence of a man who finds freedom and flow in his roller skates and his approach to life. His balance lies within his own experience and intention behind upholding his own values.


Director Biography – Jo Anna Edmison

Jo Anna Edmison is a filmmaker and photographer from Southern California. While studying art and design at Cal Poly, Edmison turned her attention to California culture — taking photographs and videos of the beach lifestyle through the lens of “seeing the greatness in the ordinary and sharing it with others.” Her film Stoke Chasers (Mountainfilm 2020) follows a group of bold, young women who are working to overcome the social and mental barriers to pursue their dreams. Edmison is also the video director of .Wavzine, the manager of a funk and soul band and a freelance photographer for various companies.


Director Statement:

After meeting Enzo at the Cayucos skate ramp this November, I knew that we were going to work together creatively in the future. There was something so intriguing about him and how he roller skated, a style I had never seen before at the ramp where many different styles are practiced. After creating my film Stoke Chasers, a film that features girl skaters and surfers, I wanted to expand upon what it means to “chase stoke” and go against the grain of any type of identity and background stereotypes. Enzo is not only one of the best roller skaters I have ever seen at the park, but he is also one of the most sustainably minded, confident, and inspirational people you could ever introduce yourself to. I chose to shoot this film on 16mm film to give Enzo’s story a unique spotlight that showcases his lifestyle and appreciates how his style of skating was not captured on this medium when it was popular.

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Jo Anna Edmison


Jo Anna Edmison
Ian McMullen
Lorenzo Chatman


Hayley Nenadal


Lorenzo Chatman


9 min

Dallas International Film Festival

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