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Harmonia Solid

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While cleaning house, a woman discovers an area rug that disposes of literal and figurative trash in a beautiful and magical way.


Director Biography – Jake Hart

After performing with Blue Man Group for 5 years, Jake started his screenwriting career by working with Kurt Vonnegut on multiple adaptations of his work. This led to partnerships with Dean Koontz, Stan Lee, and the Flaming Lips adapting their work for film and television. He is currently developing projects with Lex & Otis animation, Panay films, Cosmos-Maya Studios in India, Bon Voyage films in Germany, and Narratively podcasts.


Director Statement:
After experiencing development hell a few times with various networks and studios, I met the founders of a micro-production company in Los Angeles called Some Assembly Required. We make little slates of short films and one-act plays a few times a year. We make what we want, with our friends, on tight schedules and budgets. I love all the members very much, and I’ve gotten to make three short films with them. The only restriction for making the shorts is that you have to abide by a challenge, a central idea you must write around. For Harmonia Solid, my challenge was to make a film about a truly dangerous area rug. My collaborator, Rebecca Ann Johnson, and myself thought about it for a little while, and we decided we wanted the area rug to be dangerous for garbage and racists. Enjoy!


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Jake Hart


Jake Hart


Rebecca Ann Johnson
Jake Hart
Barret Bowman


Rebecca Ann Johnson


10 min

Dallas International Film Festival

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