Dallas International Film Festival


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A brief look at five different sets of twins living in Los Angeles.



Director Biography – Odin Wadleigh

Odin Wadleigh is a Los Angeles based filmmaker.
While still in film school, Odin began directing and shooting music videos for numerous independent hip hop groups around San Francisco. After moving to Los Angeles he branched out to create a wide variety of media including short films, documentaries, branded content, commercials, live concerts, background visuals and music videos.

Director Statement:
More than anything I was interested in the visual possibilities of photographing twins. I love the pure strange symmetry that twin portray on camera. I’m also always interested in any human stories and experiences outside of my own.



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Odin Wadleigh


Odin Wadleigh


Odin Wadleigh


Marissa & January Welsh
Sonya & Sabrina Millen
Gary & Larry Lane
Aidan & Storm Jones
Sasoon & Sarbe Hayrapetyan


5 min

Dallas International Film Festival

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