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Sara is in bed with her lover when her husband calls. When he asks for something in his sock drawer, she runs home, stalling for time, asking endless questions about Wichita, Kansas.


Director Biography – Sergine Dumais

Sergine Dumais has been in the industry for over 25 years. She began as an actress before transitioning to directing, first in musical theater, and later in the world of voiceover.  “Wichita” is her first film.   Born and raised in French Canada, Sergine recently became an American citizen.


Director Statement:
I always wanted to tell stories. When I was six years old, I saw Grease. I wanted to move to America because I thought that’s where everybody sang and danced. 20 years later, I got to sing and dance. On stage. In Grease. (I was Frenchy).
My dream came true. Then — I had a new dream. I wanted to direct. I’ve done that for 20 years now. First in musical theater, and now I’m branching into film. My dream is to direct films and plays that inspire other 6 year old girls to dream. (6 year old girls should NOT watch my latest short film, Wichita, though. It’s a hard-R!
​-Sergine Dumais

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Sergine Dumais


Bo Price


Bo Price


Maxim Roy
Jeremy Sisto


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Dallas International Film Festival

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