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Asian Film Festival of Dallas

AFFD 2023 is July 13-16 at Angelika Dallas

DIFF is a proud Community Partner of the 22nd Asian Film Festival of Dallas, set for July 13-16, 2023. Join us for our three Community Partner films (see our picks below), or visit: https://asianfilmdallas.com/ to see the full schedule.

NAKODO – MATCHMAKER (pictured above)

SHOWTIME: Saturday July 15th at 2:45 PM

SYNOPSIS: Akio Akabane, a middle-aged salesman at a prominent real estate firm, is melancholy. He nostalgically clings to his former triumphs as a star salesman, though his leadership approach is marred by intimidation, harassment, and sexism. Unexpectedly, he is reassigned to a matchmaking agency called “Toi et Moi,” which Yui Tokita manages. Yui inherited the agency from her mother, who was a masterful matchmaker.

Initially, Akabane arrogantly believes that matchmaking is no different from selling properties. However, he quickly finds himself overwhelmed by the distinctive quirks and preferences of the clients, such as an individual who never makes it past a third date or another who is resolved to marry by a particular deadline regardless of the partner.

On the other hand, Yui is devoted to her work but struggles with self-doubt. Their contrasting values and approaches initially cause friction. Yet, as they complement and compensate for one another’s weaknesses, they orchestrate a series of small wonders.

DIRECTOR: Naoki Maeda | LANGUAGE: Japanese

YEAR: 2022 | RUNNING TIME: 110 Minutes | COLOR

COUNTRY: Japan | GENRE: Comedy


SHOWTIME: Saturday July 15th at 5 PM

SYNOPSIS: Alus, an electronic musician from Mongolia, is grappling with uncertainty regarding his life’s direction. He is deeply distressed by the sight of his mother, who is battling Alzheimer’s, living confined in his brother’s urban apartment.

Driven by her longing for the grasslands, he resolves to take her back in search of the home she so desperately misses. As her condition deteriorates, Alus takes the drastic measure of using a rope to tether himself to his mother in a bid to prevent her from wandering off. This rope symbolizes a reborn connection, akin to an umbilical cord, linking him not only to his mother’s fading memories but also to the land of his origins and the rich tapestry of his cultural heritage.

DIRECTOR: Sixue Qiao | LANGUAGE: Mongolian / Mandarin

YEAR: 2022 | RUNNING TIME: 96 minutes | COLOR

COUNTRY: China | GENRE: Family Drama


SHOWTIME: Saturday July 15th at 7:15 PM

SYNOPSIS: Long, a Vietnamese driver in Southern California, answers a late-night call for a ride. Already in his pajamas, he reluctantly accepts, picking up a man, Tây, and his two companions. But the men, recently escaped convicts from an Orange County jail, take Long hostage at gunpoint, thrusting him into their getaway plan. When complications arise, the fugitives and their hostage hole up at a motel, and a tense waiting game unfolds.

DIRECTOR: Sing J. Lee | LANGUAGE: English/Vietnamese

YEAR: 2023 | RUNNING TIME: 109 minutes | COLOR

COUNTRY: USA | GENRE: Drama/Thriller