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FRIDA Advance Screening

Members of the DIFF community had the opportunity to attend a complimentary screening of the film, FRIDA, on March12 at the Angelika Dallas, in advance of its March 15 release on Prime Video.

An intimately raw and magical journey through the life, mind, and heart of iconic artist Frida Kahlo, FRIDA is told through her own words for the very first time, drawn from her famed illustrated diary, revealing letters, essays, and candid print interviews — and brought vividly to life by lyrical animation inspired by her unforgettable artwork. The feature film directorial debut of acclaimed editor Carla Gutiérrez (RBG, La Corona), FRIDA posits a striking context as to why the artist – and her art – remains as powerful as ever.

Directed by: Carla Gutiérrez

Executive Producers: Lynne Benioff, Alexa Conway, Meredith Kaulfers, Julie Cohen, Betsy West, Brian Grazer, Ron Howard

Produced by: Katia Maguire, Sara Bernstein, Justin Wilkes, Loren Hammonds, Alexandra Johnes

Cast: Frida Kahlo (Archive Footage)

Run Time: 87 minutes | Rating: R

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