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“Philanthropy & Capacity Building” with SVP Dallas

We were honored to be a part of the Social Venture Partners Dallas (SVP Dallas) DJR session on February 10, 2024, “Philanthropy & Capacity Building”, during which we met the team of Residents who will be working with our organization on this year’s DJR Capstone project.

At the Saturday session, the Residents heard from SVP Dallas Partner Christina Hanger about her journey in philanthropy and how she decided on her philanthropic priorities.

SVP Dallas Partner Guadalupe Sanchez, last year’s presenter for the winning DJR Capstone Fast Pitch, shared her best advice to the Resident teams for completing a successful capacity building project.

SVP Dallas Partner Jim Hart shared lessons from entrepreneurship, giving the Residents a framework for approaching the challenges shared by the nonprofits.

Finally, the Residents heard from this year’s Capstone organizations about their project areas and got their team assignments!

Representatives from the organizations involved in the upcoming projects included: Carol Goglia and Martha Bujanda (President & CEO and Director of Strategic Impact, Catch Up & Read); Beth Wilbins (CEO, Dallas Film); Mary Wilonsky (ED, Friends of the Dallas Public Library); Marie Appel (ED, Groundwork DFW); and Camila Correa Bourdeau (ED, March to the Polls).

Thanks to the SVP Dallas Partners and DJR Alumni who will be serving as mentors to the teams, and who were on hand Saturday to guide the teams’ initial meetings: Roy Lopez and Tiffanie Tovar; Jennifer Owen and Jessica Vittorio; Ted Herrod and Tyler Riddell; Christina Hanger and Kyle Evans; and Donna Young and Tommy Pigeon.

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