Hey, movie lovers! Are you ready to help determine the winner of the DIFF 2024 Audience Award? It’s time to grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy some amazing films!

Whether you’re a fan of narrative features, documentaries, or short films, there’s something for everyone at DIFF 2024. Each film you watch is eligible to win an Audience Award. So, cast your vote for your favorite films!

Once the film is over, it’s time to rate it using the numbers 1-5. 1 is equivalent to 1 star and 5 is equivalent to 5 stars. If you think a film is truly exceptional and deserves to win the DIFF 2024 Audience Award, give it a rating of 5 and show it some love!

Keep in mind that events with multiple films, like short blocks, will generate a single ballot containing all the films screened as part of the event. So, make sure you rate all the films in the block to ensure your voice is heard.

To vote, you must have your ticket scanned. Vote for films from your “My Tickets” page on the DIFF 2024 Eventive site, or by clicking here.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s celebrate the power of cinema and show our support for the amazing films at DIFF 2024. Voting for the Audience Award will close on May 2nd at midnight, so make sure you cast your vote before then.

Show your support and have your voice heard!